3 Outdoor Log Furniture Pieces for Your Outdoor Space

Rustic Log Yard Swing
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3 Outdoor Log Furniture Pieces for Your Outdoor Space

High-quality rustic outdoor furniture can significantly boost your home's curb appeal. The right furniture can transform your home into a paradise, whether on the patio, deck or backyard. We have various pieces of hardwood furniture to match your home style. Let's look at three that you should not miss.

Contoured Comfort Log Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are therapy, and if you love nature, you will love how soothing and calming our Contoured Comfort Log Rocking Chair is. This rocking chair not only comes packed with all the health benefits of a typical rocking chair but elegance and a natural look and feel.

While you are rocking on it to get rid of back pain and excess weight or to soothe yourself into sleep, you will also get the relaxing aroma that comes from the unfinished slats from Lakeland Mills. It is durable, insect repellant and beautiful for any outdoor space, with a seating space of 19" W x 18" D and the capacity to accommodate up to 350Ib of weight. We ship it ready to assemble.

Contoured Comfort 5 ft Log Porch Swing

Our Contoured Log Porch Swing comes with eyebolts and S-hooks ready for installation on your porch or any other outdoor space you prefer. It also has side stabilizing logs that make it perfect for children too. Our artisans have made it with safety in mind, so be sure it will never flip when you use it. The tilt is just right for a soothing swing. The wood is unfinished but of high quality to last for years. Our rustic Porch Swing can accommodate up to 750Ib of weight.

Driftwood Horse Bench

Animals look great in the compound and one way to create a park or bush experience is by bringing carved animals to the front yard, garden or patio. Our Driftwood Horse Bench is just like a carving, only that it allows you to sit on its "saddleback" and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends or chat with family. The furniture comes in two or three pieces depending on your choice. It can be used indoors or outdoors, but horses look good on the grass outside or somewhere near flowers.

This piece of furniture is carved by internationally acclaimed artisans using high-quality teak driftwood. This is the same material used to make boats, so expect nothing but comfort on this horseback. Our Driftwood Horse Bench is weather resistant and insect repellant, making it among the most durable outdoor seats you could ever have. Since it is a handcrafted work of art, you will never find anyone with outdoor horse benches like yours. In addition, you can stain or paint them to match your outdoor décor.


Outdoor log furniture plays many roles. Apart from allowing you to sit and enjoy a drink or meal with your family and friends, the right furniture is a crowd pleaser and creates the right environment for a relaxing evening or weekend. We have plenty of natural rustic furniture in our store.

Buy outdoor log furniture from our store and turn your backyard into a park. All our outdoor furniture is weather resistant and insect repelling.