Western Furniture

What is Western Furniture? Well, even though the west is now developed and has many modern cities, many people still conjure up images of the wild west with rough and tough saloons and ranches on the outskirts of town that were handcrafted from fallen trees residing next to a creek or river with a mountain in the background. During these rugged times, the rustic furnishings were simple in design and made from boards that exhibited the saw marks and other character. The boards were naturally air dried, so the sun and wind added its own character giving the wood an old, weathered appearance. The dining table was put right to use often doubling as a worktable. The tables took on many divots, scratches and other markings making a table less than a year-old look like as if it was twenty-five years old.

To us, Western Furniture captures the essence of the wild west. Furniture that has character; furniture that is rustic; furniture that is strong; furniture that is utilitarian. Now, that does not mean that modern western furniture lacks comfort or style. Our western furniture certainly is comfortable, stylish and sturdy. And, we have added some modern features and pizzazz for today’s modern western decors. Don’t forget we love custom orders.

Our western furniture designs can be custom made to the size and layout needed. Give us a call or email today, and let’s discuss your project.