Driftwood Dining Table

The artisans of Woodland Creek have hit a home run with this beautiful dining table.  Our expert finishers have spent hundreds of hours developing and perfecting a finish that transforms our twisty juniper into the natural silver-gray washed color of reclaimed driftwood found on most lakes and beaches.   The juniper is reclaimed from the mountains and has a tremendous amount of character.

Customers with a discerning eye will notice how the handcrafted bases of our tables look like they actually grew that way – like some natural twisted anomaly that the wind blown caverns of the Rocky Mountains created and showcase.  Crafters new to free form rustic furniture often struggle on how to achieve this natural balance – our team has been building this style of furniture for over 12 years now, and several were trained by the pioneer of this style – Matt Madsen.  Matt is now gone, but his work lives on through the artisans of Woodland Creek.  Matt began building free form rustic furniture in California in the 60’s.  Matt came to Michigan some  ten years ago and taught us the “art of rustic.”  We strive to honor Matt by building functional works of art.  Almost any size can be crafted.  This design is shown round, but we can also craft oval, square or rectangular.  Let’s talk about your project.

Driftwood Dining Table
Item Number:  DT00588
60″ Round x 31″H – $3849
66″ Round x 31″H – $4049
72″ Round x 31″H – $4499

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