Copper Coffee Table with Julia Base

This attractive design hammered copper coffee table mixes the black square of the forged base with the rounded curves of the tack hammered copper top.  Designed as a juxtaposition this table allows the blending of rectangle and surrounding figures into the living area.  The square is a simple form done with 90 degree angles.  The circle is all degrees spun into one circular path.  Similar to our right and left brain this table expresses creativity with a touch of pragmatism.  Of course it can be done in square and rectangle for a more formalized presentation.

Copper Coffee Table with Julia Base
Item #CT03073


36″ x 36″x 18″H – $1195

48″ x 48″x 18″H – $1795


48″L x 24″W x 18″H – $1095

58″L x 36″W x 18″H – $1795

Custom Sizes Available

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