Carved Eagle


Carved Eagle

Wow, wow, wow!  If you are looking for a statement piece for your home or office, this hand-carved eagle will make a statement.  Just look at the size of this beautiful carved eagle. The person in the photo is 6’2″ tall.  The wingspan on this eagle is incredible. It is carved by some of the finest carvers in the world.  The founder of Woodland Creek travels the world searching for unique items for our stores and online customers.  He found a remote village where they have been carving eagles for generations.  There are other villages in the region, but their eagles are not as detailed or anatomically correct.  We are confident that our carved eagles are some of the finest in the world.  Of course, no two are ever exactly alike, and sizes will vary slightly.

Select a carved eagle, and it comes with a guarantee.  Woodland Creek guarantees that anyone visiting your home, cottage, cabin or office will comment on the incredible beauty and/or the detail of your carved eagle.  Unfortunately, this warranty does not cover friends or family with poor eyesight or those that possess jealousy that you have the ability to acquire the finer things in life (smile).

Due to the amount of time it takes to carve one of these exquisitely carved eagles, we only receive 4-6 per year.  Please email us for current photos.  Current pricing is $4000, and this includes FREE SHIPPING (standard ground shipping to the lower 48).

Ordering A Carved Eagle

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Carved Eagle
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