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Slate & Stone Furniture Collection Details

Our Slate & Stone Furniture Collection says exactly what it is – handcrafted furniture made with mosaic slate, ceramic and stone materials.

Each piece of slate, ceramic or stone is painstakingly cut and placed by hand to create these tops. The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words applies best here.  Adjectives do not do justice to the beauty.  Custom sizes are available and you can request a quote for any wood or metal base shown on our web site.

Coming Soon – Woodland Creek will be introducing a new table top that looks like concrete or granite, but is 1/20 the weight.  It is made with a proprietary blend of real concrete infused with resins, epoxies and latex materials. The end product that looks just like concrete or granite, but even stronger than the real stuff.  The tops have a 5,000 psi strength rating.  This makes them virtually indestructible.  The table tops are completely waterproof so they can also be used indoors or outdoors.  The tables are just heavy enough to withstand winds, but also light enough to allow moving.

We will be offering a wide range of colors and any size needed.  Tops can be mixed with any of our wood or forged metal table bases.  Sorry, for the tease – Photos Soon!

About Slate & Stone Furniture Collection



Slate & Stone Materials

Natural stone and slate are used to make custom table tops.  We could also have these tops made any of the sideboards, consoles, coffee or end tables shown on our web site.


Slate & Stone Finishes

The stone, ceramic and slate tops are sealed so they are available for use indoors or outdoors.  The tops are so versatile they can be used to decorate a side table or island in the kitchen.


Slate & Stone Aesthetics

These tops can be mixed and matched with just about any piece of furniture shown on our web site.  Use your designer eye and find the right piece to pair one of these beautiful stone tops with.

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