Urban Hardwood Dining Chair


Urban Hardwood Dining Chair

Our Urban Hardwood Dining Chair is sleek, beautiful and sturdy.  A forged metal frame provides the strength for the smaller footprint.  Solid hardwood is used for the seat and backrest.  We offer this dining chair in two finish colors: barnwood and kaleidoscope.  The chair is finished with three coats of a high-quality clear coat.  This stool has become one of the most popular dining chairs in our stores.  If you like the look in the photos, you will love it in person.

How To Buy: Urban Hardwood Dining chair

Our customer service representatives are here seven days a week from 10:00 to 6:00 Eastern Standard Time to answer questions. Note, this item cannot be customized.

Urban Hardwood Dining Chair
Item #DC01012
(when ordered with a larger item or with 4 or more chairs)

A Woodland Creek Exclusive Design



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