Thick Slab Log Dining Chairs


Our Thick Slab Log Dining Chairs are made from solid wood.  They feature a thick slab seat and back. The legs are natural logs.  The design is simple, but the character of the wood, shape of the back and copious natural wood colors make these chairs a great choice for someone looking for unique rustic log dining chairs.

The logs and slabs are cut and shaped by hand.  The log legs are slightly tapered adding to the unique rustic charm.  The wood is teak, but not just any teak. This is reclaimed teak and each piece will have natural brown earth-tones and lighter streaks throughout.  The chairs are finished with a high quality finish for years of durability.

Our unique slab log dining chairs  are not only beautiful and well built, but they are also affordable. At $249 per chair with FREE SHIPPING in the continental U.S. with an order of four or more, they are one of the best values in the marketplace.  We say “one of” because we offer a few  other log chair designs that are equally beautiful and economical.  Find the right one that you like.

This chair can also be stained a darker brown for $35 per chair.

Slab Log Dining Chairs
Item Number: DC01003
Shown & Priced Finished Natural
$249 each & FREE SHIPPING
with order of 4 or more
Add $35 per chair for stain options

A Woodland Creek Exclusive Design

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