Artistic Log Pool Table

What the old saying – a picture is worth a thousand word?  We think this artistic log pool table is worth a million words.  It takes a seasoned “free form” furniture builder to make this style of rustic furniture.  We have guys drop resumes all the time wanting to work for us and 95% of them don’t make the cut because they can only make linear furniture. You have to have a creative mind to make our style furniture.  Or as we like to say around here “you have to be a little twisted” to make our style furniture.  All joking aside you have to have an abstract mind for our style of rustic furniture.  This unique rustic pool table typifies the quality and level of work our guys craft.  When you look at other work ask your self if it flow properly – look at how the branches intertwine – or does it look contrived and convoluted?  If it does, this is because a traditional furniture builder is attempting to make free form furniture.

The pool table shown can be made any size needed. It looks equally stunning in live edge redwood.  Be sure to read the customer review of this pool table.

Artistic Rustic Pool Table in Juniper & Burlwood
Item #PG1200
7ft., 8ft. or 9ft. – $12995
Custom Felt Options Available

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