Rustic Juniper Log Dining Table

You can tell a Woodland Creek rustic table design by the artistic, twisty bases.  Learning the art of crafting free form furniture takes times.  99% of most furniture builders can only craft linear style furniture.  In order to craft twisty furniture you have to be a little twisted yourself.  We say this with pride and humor, but root in truth.  Many apply to work at Woodland Creek, but only a few make it as it is truly and art form to make this style of rustic furniture.  Our craftsmen strive to make each piece a functional work of art.  Juniper has natural vibrant colors.  If you would like the base or top finished in another color, we have perfected several new finishes: driftwood,

Rustic Juniper Log Dining Table
Item Number:  DT00610
42″ Round – $2695
48″ Round – $2895
54″ Round – $3095
60″ Round – $3295
66″ Round – $3695
72″ Round – $4195
Available Any Size From 42″ to 84″

Custom Sizes Available
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