Rustic Bench with Metal Legs

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Rustic Bench with Metal Legs

We love, love, love this new bench design.  The combination of reclaimed wood and sanded metal is stunning.  We sure hope the vibe we get seeing it in person comes through in the photos.  Yes, it is surely rustic, but it is also contemporary, industrial and maybe even a bit modern.  The line between rustic and modern is surely getting blurred with today’s furniture designs.  Therefore, you are seeing a mixture of all types of mediums.

This rustic bench with metal legs starts with authentic 50-100 year old reclaimed wood.  Therefore, the wood is rich in weather character.  But, it has been sanded to make it soft to the touch.  The vertical legs are thick gage metal sanded.  A matching reclaimed wood apron wraps around the bench added style and strength.

This rustic bench is built so a football team could stand on it or change into their spikes.  That means in your mud room or on your porch, all the kids can use it without fear of damaging. For that matter the more wear and tear it gets, the more beautiful it becomes. That is the beauty of reclaimed wood.

Rustic Bench with Metal Legs Options

Our rustic bend with metal legs comes with three coats of high quality clear coat finish to protect the wood from stains.  This bench’s standard size is 67″ x 15.75″ x 17.75″ tall.  Custom sizes are available.  The lead time is approximately 14-16 weeks.  We say approximate as it could be less, or it could take longer.  This design is made in our overseas workshop.


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Rustic Bench with Metal Legs
Item # B01017
Standard Size: 67″ x 15.75″ x 17.75″

A Woodland Creek Exclusive Design

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