Restoration Hardwood Dining Chair


Restoration Hardwood Dining Chair

Our Restoration Hardwood Dining Chair is handcrafted from solid reclaimed hardwood.  This chair is made from 100% real wood – no veneers or laminates.  The wood is anywhere from 50 to 100 years old.  Thus, it has all the wonderful weather character you would expect from reclaimed wood.  The wood seat is curved making this dining chair much more comfortable than a standard stool with a flat wood seat.  Yes, making a curved seat take substantially more time, but our customers’ bottom end comfort is important to us so we take the extra time!

Restoration Hardwood Dining Chair Options

This solid wood dining chair is hand finished in our proprietary barn wood finish. Each reclaimed wood dining chair is hand sanded and is soft to the touch.  There is no worry about snagging clothes.  Many chairs made from reclaimed wood are rough to the touch – not our chairs.  Each chair is then finished with three coats of a high-quality clear coat by our men in our Michigan workshop.  The clear coat provides protection from stains and everyday use.

You also have the option of a wood seat or a high-grade upholstered chocolate leather seat.  The leather seats are made of high-grade American leather and handcrafted here in the USA.  Wood Seat $179.00.  Leather Seat $249.00. Woodland Creek’s reclaimed wood dining chairs are a great value when you take the comfort, quality and finish into consideration.   Quality is paramount here at Woodland Creek.


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Restoration Hardwood Dining Chair
Item # DC01011
$179 – Curved Wood Seat
$249 – Leather Seat
(when ordering 4 or more chairs)

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