Petrified Wood Sink


Petrified Wood Sinks.  First, what is petrified wood?  The simple definition is “wood that has been turned into stone”.  The definition is simple, but the process is anything but simple.  It takes hundreds of thousands of years and in most cases over one million years for Mother Nature to perform this magical trick.  Often logs are buried under sediment or volcanic ash and becomes preserved due to a lack of oxygen which prevents decomposition.  Mineral laden water flowing through the covering material deposits minerals in the wood’s cells, and a stone mold forms in its place.  The minerals in the water are mostly silicate and quartz.

Ok, the technical stuff aside – these sinks are Mother Nature’s art.  The petrified stone logs are cut and grinded into beautiful organic petrified wood sinks.  Vessel petrified wood sinks look great on slab counters or vanities. They have a wide range of colors due to the varying mineral streaks.

We are a direct importer of these sinks.  No middlemen. That is why we can offer such a great price on our petrified wood sinks.  Be sure to see our vanity page as we offer dozens of beautiful vanity designs that pair nicely with our petrified wood sinks.

Our customer service representatives are here seven days a week from 10:00 to 6:00 Eastern Standard Time to answer questions.  Call or email us today to discuss your project.

Petrified Wood Sink
Item # PS0001
$450 -16″-18″ Round, 4″-5″ High
$495 – Asymmetrical 18″-22″ x 13″-16″ x 4″-5″ High
$545 – Asymmetrical 23″-28″ x 13″-16″ x 4″-5″ High
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