Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing compares to the beauty of real wood – this is the premise on which Woodland Creek Furniture was founded.  If you are searching for a truly unique kitchen, then our natural wood kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice.  The natural wood kitchen cabinets shown in the photos are made with an exquisite and rare burl wood.  Each door and drawer panel has copious character.  A friendly warning – should you decide to order this style of cabinetry, you will often find yourself just standing and studying Mother Nature’s artwork. Each panel is its own art show.

The burl wood kitchen cabinets in the photos are shown natural.  We can stain this wood a variety of colors.  The burl wood takes on a unique personality with each color.  Picking the right finish will not be easy task as each color is beautiful.  We want to forewarn you – this line of cabinetry is not for those on a tight budget.  The wood is rare, and the craftsmanship is top notch.  Our natural wood kitchen cabinets come with a guarantee – everyone entering your home will stop in their tracks and comment on the cabinets beauty.  We built the natural wood kitchen cabinets by special request some 8-9 years ago, and when we see this customer from time to time, they still comment on how everyone is “wowed” by their kitchen.

Woodland Creek also offer natural wood kitchen cabinets made from walnut, maple, ash, cherry and sycamore.  Call or email us today with your kitchen design, and we would be happy to provide a no obligation quote.  We will also give pricing options for other species.

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets
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