Natural Log Tree Chair

Our natural log tree chairs makes a serious statement.  Each log tree chair comes with a guarantee that everyone who sees one will stop and say “wow”.  Each is a work of art.  The log tree chair design is unique and the wood is some of the most beautiful wood in the world.  The combination is stunning.

Each tree chair is hand carved from a reclaimed log.  The logs are a rare burl wood imported from eastern Europe.  The trees develop their burl from a virus.  The trees must be extracted to stop the healthy trees from being infected.  The virus creates one of the most beautiful burl wood patterns found anywhere in the world.  You can have a functional piece of art and help the environment at the same time. A win -win!

If you have a unique home, then you have taste for unique furnishings.  Our natural log tree chairs truly fit the definition of “unique.”  Maybe you have a lodge or business that needs a conversation piece.  A piece that visitors or guests will tell their friends and family about.  A piece that every visitor is sure to want a photo in.  Well, these gorgeous carved log tree chairs are the pieces that will grab their attention. Imagine the exposure your business will get when visitors or customers take photos in one of these log tree chairs and post it on their social media page.  Our log tree chairs will help your marketing.

We have a wide range of sizes.  Prices vary on size and character of log.  Call or email us today to discuss sizes we have in stock.  We are here seven days a week from 10:00 to 6:00 EST to discuss your project.

Natural Tree Chair
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