Log Furniture Bookcase #1

This log furniture aspen bookcase was one of the first designs we built in our woodshop.  Aspen is such an unusual unique wood.  All of the individual trees in an aspen grove are linked together in their root system.  All of the trees come from one main tree.  If you closely explore an aspen grove you’ll discover the mother tree.  The extra character comes from the elks.  Elks like to rub their horns on the aspen trees, and this rubbing creates worn spots on the logs.  They really add to the character of each piece.

The shelves in this case are adjustable for larger books or other displays with a large drawer in the bottom.  Share with us the size you would like…we will built it just for you.

Log Furniture Bookcase #1
Item #BK02504
36″W x 20″D x 76″H – One Drawer – $1495
36″W x 20″D x 84″H – Two Drawer – $1595
42″W x 20″D x 76″H – One Drawer – $1549
42″W x 20″D x 84″H – Two Drawer – $1695
Shown with Half Log Drawer Fronts.
Also Available with Flat Drawer Fronts.

Custom Sizes Available
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A Woodland Creek Exclusive Design

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