Log Dining Table

This log table design is so beautiful warrants two product listings on our web site.  This rustic log tables starts with massive, twisty logs.  Our artisans create a trestle base by hand-scribing  each log to fit as if the base grew this way.  We stock hundreds if not thousands of gorgeous logs – logs ridden with character.   Why is this important?  I have heard other rustic furniture builders say size of your operation does not matter.  I would respectfully argue that if we had ten logs to choose from to create a table like this, we would be forced to make a piece or two work – instead of finding the perfect piece to make it functional art.  Our craftsmen do not have to settle for a log that is just “ok”.   We have full time crews hunting constantly for the “best of the best” in wood.  Semi-trucks are always dropping off the treasure of these hunts.  You should visit our shop sometime and let us show you thousands of pieces of exotic woods from all over the world.

The top is thick, beautiful redwood harvested from standing dead or sustainable sources.  The combined base and top make a true one of a kind log dining table.  Just measure your space, and we would be honored to craft a work of art for you.

Customer Requests: We have had many customers ask us if there is a way to make this unique dining table for a lower price.  We are happy to report that we now have gorgeous book matched slabs of thick pine that we can stain a beautiful deep burgundy color and using pine allows us to offer a lower price for this dining table design.  Call or email us today to discuss pricing options.

Log Dining Table
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