Live Edge Wood Pen & Business Card Holder


Want to break the ice the next time you have an important  meeting with a new client?  Our unique live edge wood pen and business card holders are sure to break the ice with any new customer or vendor visiting your office.  They will not help themselves from being able to notice and comment on their unique character.

To our knowledge we are the only company in the U.S. importing a beautiful and rare burl wood that comes out of Russia. The burl trees must be harvested as the trees have a disease that creates the incredible burl pattern.  The diseased tree must be extracted to protect the healthy trees from becoming infected.  Talk about a win/win.  We (and our customers) get an incredible wood to use in our designs, and the environment is better off.

We make the live edge wood pen & business card holders out of this burl wood, our of California redwood, and Michigan black walnut.  Each is unique and no two are ever exactly alike.

Don’t know what to get the boss for the holidays? Well, he or she will surely remember this gift.  Each time someone visits his or her office and comments on the beauty of these wooden works of art, you will be thought of in a positive way.   Who knows?  Maybe one of these live edge pen holders will even get you that long overdue promotion.

Live Edge Wood Pen & Business Card Holder
Item # MISC01006
Pen or Business Card Holder -$89 each
Pen with Business Card Holder -$139


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