Rustic Hickory Log Wagon Wheel Chair

Natural hickory logs are handcrafted into beautiful rustic log dining chairs.  Hickory logs are not as thick as other log chairs, but don’t let the smaller scale fool you as hickory is a very dense and strong wood. These chairs will hold up to all the abuse you kids can dish out.   We delivered a few hundred of these chairs to a local high traffic restaurant several years ago, and to date we have not had one come back for repair.  This restaurant is in one of the busiest tourist areas of the country and tens of thousands of people use them each year.  This is a testimony to the quality craftsmanship and strength of hickory wood.

Hickory Wagon Wheel Chair
Item #DC06012
Side Chair – $399 ($50 off with order of 3 or more) = $349 each
Arm Chair – $449 ($50 off with order of 3 or more) = $399 each

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