Rustic Hickory Log Dining Chairs

The most comfortable rustic log chair on the market.  There are many that look the same, but the we have picked the design that will cradle your lumbar perfectly.  We have put our competitor’s chair side by side with our chair, and customers agree this one is the most comfortable.  Put the comfort level aside, and they are well built, beautiful and economical.  This chair is so well built that we felt comfortable placing them in a commercial restaurant.  Five years later and tens of thousands of people using them (they are in a very high traffic tourist town), and they still look great.  The logs are bent hickory.  Hickory is a dense, hard wood. You can choose from solid black walnut, hickory or oak wood for the seat and back.  These chairs will look great in a log cabin, lodge, ranch, camp, country or traditional home decor.  Did I mention they are unbelievably comfortable?  That slatted back and seat allow for comfort and air flow.

Rustic Hickory Log Dining Chairs
Item #DC06013
Hickory & Oak
Side Chair – $299
Arm Chair – $359

Hickory & Black Walnut – Shown
Side Chair – $319
Arm Chair – $379

Hickory & Hickory
Side Chair – $329
Arm Chair – $399