Copper Farm Dining Table

The hand hammered copper dining table with a farm base comes straight from the old design tables done in every farm and ranch in the old southwest.  The legs are done in a circular design with spun bands at the base and at the top and then locked into the table base with square lugs.  The entire base is created using old south central Mexico mountain revised wood.  Fitted to the base is a beautiful hand hammered copper top made from revitalized copper.  Remolded, poured into blocks and then hand hammered into the amazing multi figured copper you see above.  The base may be called farm but the table as a whole is exquisite.  This copper table can be made any length or width you need.

Hand Hammered Copper Dining Table with Farm Base
Item #DT00185
60″L x 42″W x 31″H
72″L x 42″W x 31″H
84″L x 42″W x 31″H
96″L x 42″W x 31″H
Also Available Expandable.
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