Hand Hammered Copper Dining Table with Catalina Base

The hand hammered copper dining table with a Catalina base places all of your focus on the amazing hand hammered copper table top.  The amazing pattern of the various shades of copper is accentuated in the hammering design used to create valleys and ledges on the surface that creates a long lasting and durable finish.  The copper is then lightly coated with wax to preserve its brilliants.  A number of customers remove the wax and allow the copper to patina then rewax to create various deep green flecks in the copper reflection.  Copper is an amazing element that allow diverse colors to be reflected from a single surface.   Name the size needed down to the inch, and it will be handcrafted to the size.

Hand Hammered Copper Dining Table with Catalina Base
Item #DT00200
60″L x 42″W x 31″H
72″L x 42″W x 31″H
84″L x 42″W x 31″H
96″L x 42″W x 31″H
42″ Round x 31″H
48″ Round x 31’H
54″ Round x 31″H
60″ Round x 31″H
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Custom Sizes Available

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