Natural Farm Table

This contemporary spin on a rustic farm table would look fantastic in any home! The table is a true rectangle, unlike some of the more abstract tables offering uneven edges. With the natural wood grain very much visible, telling the story of the tree it came from! This table is as sturdy as it looks, being made entirely of solid wood! Woodland Creek offers a lovely selection of sizes from 60” long to 120” long, or of course you can opt for a custom size. Plus, there is a huge selection of different types of wood! The prices listed are for imported exotic wood, while there are other domestic and exotic woods available.  Don’t forget, you also get to choose what color you would like the legs to be: silver, black, brown, or stainless steel.

Farm Table Contemporary Rustic Design #9
Item# DT00407
60″ x 38″ to 48″ wide x 31″
72″ x 38″ to 48″ wide x 31″
84″ x 38″ to 48″ wide x 31″
96″ x 38″ to 48″ wide x 31″
108″ x 38″ to 48″ wide x 31″
120″ x 38″ to 48″ wide x 31″
Custom Sizes Available
You may specify width from 38″ to 48″. If you need a wider or longer top, please let us know the size, and we will provide a quote.

Available in black walnut, maple, cherry, redwood, and other domestic & exotic woods are available upon request and are quoted separately.

Base may be painted silver, black or brown as part of standard pricing or can be ordered in stainless steel for a slight up-charge.