Elk Antler Coffee Table with Walnut Slabs

This beautiful antler coffee table is a Woodland Creek exclusive.  Two beautiful live edge black walnut slabs are paired with real elk and deer antlers.  The craftsman artistically designed the antler coffee table so it has a raised shelf.  The combination of walnut and antler create a functional work of art.  Our antler coffee table can be made custom sizes to fit your space.

Keep in mind that an antler coffee table can be made with many other species of wood such as redwood, burl wood, maple, ash, elm and oak.  To see what an antler coffee table looks like in redwood we posted a different base design with this two tier design.

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Antler Coffee Table
Item# CT04037
48″ to 54″ – $2895
55″ to 60″ – $2995
61″ to 66″ – $3195

Custom Sizes Available
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A Woodland Creek Exclusive Design