Driftwood Wine Bottle Holders


These beautiful driftwood wine bottle holders will add a touch of nature to any decor.  Each is handmade from reclaimed teak driftwood.  No two could ever be exactly alike, but each is sure to be unique and display your favorite wine wrapped in rustic charm.

You are seeing designers around the country mix and match rustic, organic, modern and industrial accents. The old rule book was thrown out years ago.  The more eclectic the better.  Mixing in rustic accessories and decor to modern or contemporary settings add just a touch of nature.  Our driftwood wine bottle holders are a bit more refined than others found in the marketplace.  That is because we hand finish each one with three coats of professional clear top coat. We are careful to sand between coats.  We also offer some unique finishes that add interest.

Our driftwood wine bottle holders can be ordered natural with a clear coat – thus, enhancing the natural brown hues.  Or, you can request a blue wash or white wash finish. Our washed finishes allow some of the natural brown colors to come through, but the colors give it a coastal or cottage feel.  But, we have also seen our customers use the washed finishes in modern decor settings, and they fit nicely.  Again, there are no decorating rules anymore. Follow your decorating instincts and have fun bringing unique accessory finds together.

Presently, we only offer our driftwood wine bottle holders in the size shown – holding three bottles.  We may increase the size of these at some time in the future.

Our driftwood wine bottle holders are the perfect size to fit on a kitchen counter top, a coffee or cocktail table or even a sofa or console table.  Friends and family are sure to comment on how unique a wine bottle holder they make.

Shipping is free within the continental United States so treat yourself to one of our driftwood wine bottle holders today or keep one in mind for the perfect holiday or birthday gift for the wine lover in your family.

Driftwood Wine Bottle Holders
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