Copper Table Tops Only

Copper Table Tops Only – nothing beats the beauty of real copper table tops.  Copper has an incredible molten patina.  The variations in color derive from the reclaimed copper being heated by a metal artisan.   The impurities in the copper create light streaks of red, orange and black.  The tops are made from smaller pieces – each piece is welded together to form the top.  The difference in quality from our competitors?   First, you will not see the seams in our tops.  Great care is taken to sand the seams.  Once in a while you may see one on the edges, but this adds rustic charm.  They look odd on the tops themselves.  Our competitors take shortcuts and you often see the seams.  Second, how an artisan heats the top also adds to the aesthetics.  The unique grain patter is created by a skilled artisan and his use of the torch – heating too long will ruin the top, and heating too little will create a plain top.

Woodland Creek has been a purveyor of copper table tops only and copper furniture for sixteen years now.  We are one of the largest copper suppliers in the country and we have thousands of happy customers.

Functionality: copper is very low maintenance material. Woodland Creek has sold thousands of copper dining tables over the past sixteen years, and the reviews are in – our customers love their copper tables!  Nothing beats the beauty of copper furniture.  We will provide you with the necessary information on how best to care for your copper table top.  It takes just minutes each month to apply a protective coating of wax.  That’s it!

Woodland Creek specializes in custom made copper table tops only. Need a special table size? No problem – as our copper table tops or counter tops can be made any size needed in round, square, rectangle or oval.

Our customer service representatives are here seven days a week from 10:00 to 6:00 Eastern Standard Time to answer questions or provide shipping quotes.  Call or email us today to discuss your project.  If you email, be sure to include the desired size and your zip code, so we may provide a complete quote.

Copper Table Tops Only
Available Any Size
Round, Square, Oval or Rectangle
Please Email or Call for Current Pricing
We Are Here 7 Days A Week To Answer Questions or Provide Quotes