Copper End Table with Esperanza Base

The hand tapped copper end table or nightstand with the Esperanza base takes the fine art of iron sculpting to the next level.  Take an iron rod.  Heat it to over 2000 degrees until it turns a bright flaming orange and then twist it to a perfect design without catching on fire yourself!  Amazing!  Esperanza means Hope.  The desire in the mind brought to fruition with craft and skill.  The iron “S” curves of the legs locked together with the flowered lower shelf to create a solid base.  The upper curves support the circular copper disk to create a remarkable interact design.  This unique design will fit comfortably in Spanish, Tuscan, French Country, Rustic, Refined Mountain, & Country Decors.  We welcome custom size requests.

Copper End Table or Nightstand with Esperanza Base
Item #
20″ Round x 24″H
26″ Round x 24″H
30″ Round x 24″H
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Custom Sizes Available