Copper Counter Top

Copper Counter Top

A custom made copper counter top is unique and beautiful.   Hand hammered copper makes beautiful counter or island tops.  Woodland Creek can now offer copper counter tops made to the exact size needed to fit your home.

Copper has been used for sinks for decades. Copper is as resilient as just about any material available in the marketplace.  Think about what sinks are subjected to – tooth paste, mouth wash, soap and water on a daily basis.  Copper counter tops will maintain their beauty and  luster with minimal care.  All you have to do is maintain a thin coat of paste wax of it and this will protect the wonderful molten patina for decades.

Copper counter tops are unique and will make a statement in your home or cottage.  Call us today with your desired size for a quote.

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Copper Counter Tops
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Custom Made Counter Tops – Made to Size
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