Copper Canyon Dining Table


Copper Canyon Dining Table

The Copper Canyon Dining Table combines hand-selected reclaimed barn wood with the elegance of hand hammered copper.  Our craftsmen seek out the reclaimed wood planks with the most visible weathered texture for use in this design.  Only decades of slow, four season weathering can create this much character in the wood.  After the piece is meticulously built, the craftsmen then apply accent copper sheets with a proprietary technique that captures the rough texture of the wood below. The combination of old wood and copper makes, gives this this dining table its distinct elegant rustic charm.

Our Copper Canyon Dining Table is truly one of a kind. The pairing of the copper and reclaimed wood creates an unparalleled elegance. Bring the Copper Canyon Dining Table into your home today!

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Copper Canyon Dining Table
Item# DT01060
84″L x 42″W x 31″H – $3695
96″L x 42″W x 31″H – $3995
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