Copper Buffet Table or Kitchen Island

This retrieved copper with reclaimed old world wood base makes a beautiful kitchen island. This copper island comes with drawers, wine racks, shelves, and a book rack for all of your cooking books.  The copper comes from all kinds of copper that is melted down and poured into sheets and heated to create the incredible molten patina with its kaleidoscope of colors.  The salvaged copper is then hand hammered to its proper width for custom sized table tops.

The reclaimed wood comes from a variety of places in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico.  The reclaimed wood is taken from old broken down cabins and buildings, reprocessed fumigated and built in the beautiful cabinets.  Let us know what size will fit your needs.

Copper & Reclaimed Wood Buffet Table or Kitchen Island
Item Number: CCT06310
56″W x 24″D x 34″H
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Custom Sizes Available