Carved Bears in Log

The CEO of Woodland Creek visits shows all over the country searching for the most talented artists. These carved bear cubs have some of the finest detail you will find anywhere.

Our carved bears are guaranteed to bring a smile every time you look at them.  The detail is only only outstanding, but they are also cute!  No offense to some carvers out there, but if you have to study the carving to figure out what the animal is – well then, you need to work on your craft.  These are without a doubt bear cubs.  If they were not carved into wood, you would want to cuddle them.  Every home should have bears welcoming guests on the porch or entryway.

Bears also make a great gift for the holidays.  Puppies are cute, but also a lot of work to train.  Our bears come trained right out of the box.

Carved Bears in Log
Single – $495
Double – $595


Single – Approximately 10”Round x 20”H

Double – Approximately 13”Round x 23”H

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