Burl Wood Coffee Table

If you are looking for a true, one-of-a-kind, live edge coffee table, look no further.  We use thick, wood slabs cut from natural tree trunks for our Burl Wood Coffee Tables.  The natural shaped, figured slabs can be paired with either a thick rustic wood base or a forged metal base for a modern design.

Our burl wood coffee tables have copious character.  No two cross cut slabs will ever be identical, but each will stop visiting friends and family in their tracks.  You can expect to hear “wow” or “that is incredible” or “where did you find that” often.  We know because we hear almost daily from visitors to our retail stores.  Woodland Creek strives to handcrafted the most unique rustic furniture in the country. We travel the world looking for unique woods and the men and women in our workshop transform these unique wooden pieces into furniture that will add warmth and character to your home.

The burl wood coffee tables are made from burl trees.  The trees must be extracted as not to infect the healthy trees.  The burl is created by a virus.  The virus causes the wood’s normal characteristic to transform – the result is a grain pattern that is prized around the world.  You see burl wood humidors, car dash boards and other high end products.  Our founder came across this wood while traveling through remote villages of eastern Europe sixteen years ago.

Our burl wood coffee tables can be made a variety of sizes.  We try and carry a large range of slabs.  Normally, diameters range from 28″ to 60″.  Prices vary depending on size and diameter.  We will soon have photos of all our slabs to show so you may select.  To give you and idea of price, they range from $1795 to $2395.  Our competitors are charging twice and sometimes three times those prices.  You have found the company that manufactures these beautiful cocktail tables so you are dealing direct.

Exotic Hardwood Slabs – We recently added photos to this product page of another option for you.  We are now importing incredibly beautiful hardwood cross cut slabs from the jungles of Indonesia.  Our guys up in the mountains hand pick us the best looking slabs.  It is our job to make your choice difficult, and we have done this by adding these beautiful wood slabs as an optional wood choice. The color tones in these thick slabs are phenomenal and will make a stunning coffee table.

If you would like a unique wood coffee table, please call or email us today.

Burl Wood Coffee Table
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Prices Range from $1995 to $2695 – depending on size & character

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