Adirondack Birch Bark Artistic Sofa Table

This birch bark artistic sofa table flows straight from the valleys of the Adirondack mountains.  Upstate New York in the late 1800’s was mostly wilderness but not far away from the bustling business center of the city.  It was a wonderful place for the wealth business people to run away from the heat of the city summer and relax in the cool mountain air.

It was easier to build homes and furniture from local resources than haul them by horse or burrow up the mountain.  This Adirondack design sprung from this need.  The intricacies of the designs came from one craftsman trying to outdo the next for the cash that the Rockefellers, Dodges, and Morgans offered for quality handcrafted furniture.  Bring the beauty of the “Big Camp” home in these stunning hand crafted tables made by the talented artisans of Woodland Creek. This design can be custom made to fit your space.

Birch Bark Artistic Sofa Table Design #1
Item #ST04433
48″L x 20″D x 33″H – $1495
55″L x 20″D x 33″H – $1595
60″L x 20″D x 33″H – $1695
66″L x 20″D x 33″H – $1795
72″L x 20″D x 33″H – $1895
Custom Sizes Available