Barnwood Table Figure 8 Base

Take a moment and look at the beauty of this rustic barn wood table with its figure 8 base.  The base begins with forged irons base legs almost three inches across.  A small step rail is spun about four inches up and a few inches above that the figure 8 begins.  The figure 8 base is an old Nordic design which we call infinity or unity.  Gazing at the way the left and right leg trestles on the left encompass the legs on the right creates a solid bond for the entire table.  Looking at the figure 8 as infinity it binds all four legs together as a unity supporting the stunning rustic reclaimed barn wood top. This wonderful barn wood table embraces the elements of old farm beams, forged iron, exceptional craftsmanship, and a new design to compose a work of art for your dining pleasure.

Barnwood Table – Figure 8 Base
Item #DT00124
42″ x 42″ to 48″ wide x 31″ – $2145
48″ x 44″ to 48″ wide x 31″ – $2195
60″ x 48″ wide x 31″ – $2595
72″ x 48″ wide x 31″ – $2995
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