Barnwood Cheyenne Dresser with Six Drawers

This beautiful artistic barnwood dresser is reminiscent of the stable that bore this wood.  The V beam design that was used to support massive timber adorns the drawer faces and the brass hitching ring complete the presentation.  Images of horses, stables, barns, the Great Plains all linger close to the Cheyenne Collection.

Did you know that horses are not native to North America?  Horses were imported from Spain to the Americas in the 16th century.  When the first people crossed the frozen Bering Strait to populate the Americas they walked. The first people to occupy, what is now Minnesota, were known as the Cheyenne.  The Cheyenne were the first Native America tribe to adopt horse into their culture as they moved from the north east to the Great western plains.

There are no standard sizes for our barnwood furniture.  This rustic dresser can be made to the size needed.

Barnwood Cheyenne Dresser – 6 Drawers
Item #DR05109
61″W x 23.5″D x 41.25”H – $2795
Custom Sizes Available

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