Barnwood Chest of Drawers with Live Edge Slab Top

If you paddle north out Whitehorse up the Yukon River for about 80 miles and then portage another 12 miles you’ll come to Little Salmon Lake. Little Salmon is the base camp for the Sidell Logging and Woodworks operation. Of course you could drive a gravel road to get there, but what fun would that be? Anyway, the Sidells are mostly wood cutters with some trap’in and bear guid’in thrown in. Have been work’in this way for 100 years. But mostly what they do is cut wood which is serious work. But the kind of wood they like is slab wood with the rough live edges left on… mostly because its been laying in scrape piles for 70 or 80 years and its just a matter of hauling out…easier and pays pretty well. Now gett’in the wood from Little Salmon Lake to civilization is another story…

The Live Edge Collection is Yukon tough. If that wood could tell stories… The Live Edge mates beautifully with the old weathered barn wood to produce a rugged, handle anything type of furniture. Simple forged iron pulls complete the story. Even scratches become character with a touch of our tinted wax. Look forward to buying a piece of history.

Barnwood Chest with Live Edge Top
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3 Drawer Chest – 37″ wide x 20″ deep x 36″ tall – $1695
4 Drawer Chest – 37″ wide x 20″ deep x 47″ tall – $1795
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