Rustic Reclaimed Barn Wood Armoire

This vintage reclaimed barn wood armoire is not only antique in the wood it is constructed of  but also in its design.  For many years through today the Armoire is used as a large dressing cabinet to store coats, suits, shirts, and personal articles.  A large mirror could be mounted inside one of the doors.  The armoire functions wonderfully for this application.  But looking closely at its name you may guess the true origin of its use.  Armoire is French for Armory.  This fine cabinet was originally fashioned to hold firearms and miscellaneous weapons for military, hunting and personal protection.    The size and layout can be customized to suit your storage needs.  This rustic reclaimed barn wood armoire is sure to serve your storage needs well for many years to come.

Barnwood Armoire – 3 Door – 2 Drawer
Item #AR05007
59.5”W x 21.5”D x 74″H – $3495
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