Artistic Wine Bottle Holder


This artistic wood wine bottle holder is hand carved, shaped and sanded from an exotic solid hardwood.  The wood has a beautiful natural grain pattern with natural light and dark streaks running throughout.  Since this species has a lighter colored sap wood (outer edge) and a darker color heartwood (the core of the tree), it resemble our domestic walnut.  It is a gorgeous wood species and a true hardwood.  Each wood wine bottle holder will have its own inherent character – no two could ever be exactly alike.  That is the beauty of wood – a wood’s grain pattern is never the same, and each is a functional work of art.

Our carved wood wine bottle holder is both rustic and modern.  The natural wood suggests organic, but the soft curves give it a soft modern design.  Nothing beats the beauty and warmth of real wood.

Each wood wine bottle holder is hand sanded and sealed with three coats of high quality finish in our Michigan workshop.  A professional finish makes the wood soft to the touch and draws out the beauty of the wood’s natural grain pattern.

Our wood wood wine bottle holder make the perfect gift for the wine lover if you life.  We love to see photos of our furniture and decor in our customers’ home (hint, hint).


Artistic Wood Wine Bottle Rack
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04 Bottle – $169
08 Bottle – $269
A Woodland Creek Exclusive Design

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