Adirondack Dining Table

This beautiful Adirondack dining table starts with naturally fallen, real birch bark logs.  The craftsman then makes an artistic apron to connect the legs with a solid wood top. The apron is crafted with a panels of birch bark, twigs, and hand shaped wood art.  The combination makes for a truly unique rustic dining table.  Our Adirondack dining table table can be made any size and width needed to fit your dining room space.  Custom rustic furniture is a specialty of Woodland Creek Furniture.

Rustic Table with Birch Bark
Item Number:  DT00700
60″L x 38″W to 48″W x 31″H
72″L x 38″W to 48″W x 31″H
84″L x 38″W to 48″W x 31″H
96″L x 38″W to 48″W x 31″H
108″L x 38″W to 48″W x 31″H
120″L x 38″W to 48″W x 31″H
Client may choose from 38″ to 48″ wide.  Wider sizes available by quote.
This table can be made the exact size needed.

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