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Horse Furniture Collection Details

The Horse Furniture Collection pays tribute to those majestic animals that have been roaming the plains of the United States since its inception.  The west would not have been tamed without the help of these magnificent creatures.

There just happens to be a few horse lovers on the Woodland Creek Furniture staff so it was only natural that we developed some furniture with an equestrian motif.  Our woodcarver has horses and enjoys riding.  She loves to carve horses, and this love for the animal comes through in her carved bed panels and mantels.  Tell us what you also like to see in the carved scene, and she will design and carve you your next family heirloom.

We have also a talented metal artisan that makes beautiful equestrian metal art.  We incorporate these into our barnwood furniture.

Have an idea for a custom piece of horse furniture?  We have the talented craftsmen on staff and can assist with your project.

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Horse Furniture Materials

The horse furniture shown in this collection are made with a combination of barnwood and metal art or log and carved panels. The barnwood bed could easily have a handcarved panel scene.  There are no limits to the custom possibilities with Woodland Creek.


Horse Furniture Finishes

Reclaimed barnwood is a wonderful material to use as the barns may have once give shelter to these grand creatures.  Our barnwood is shown natural, but can also be finished in a variety of colors.  The rustic log furniture is also a great choice with the carved horse panels.


Horse Furniture Aesthetics

We invite you to look at the over 1,000 unique furniture designs on our web site as you may see another furniture style you would prefer to have us modify to accept a hand carved horse scene or metal horse art panel.  Woodland is all about custom furniture.

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