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Custom Furniture Details

Custom furniture is Woodland Creek’s specialty. Woodland Creek handcrafts and cost-effectively ships custom furniture to wonderful homes all across the U.S. and Canada. Our designs range from rustic to modern and everything in-between. You have found the guys that make the furniture – no middlemen – you are dealing direct with the factory (we hate to use the word “factory” as it connotes mass produced, and there is nothing mass produced about our handcrafted, custom made furniture). Woodland Creek has its own furniture builders, metal artisans, wood carvers and expert finishers on staff. Woodland Creek offers most domestic species of wood, reclaimed woods, and many imported exotic woods. Just about everything shown on our web site is available in custom sizes and custom finishes. Woodland Creek is a family run business. Woodland Creek strives to provide the best customer service and highest quality custom furniture. We will work hard to make you a lifelong customer. If you do not see the desired style or layout in the over 1,200 unique furniture designs shown throughout our web site, please contact one of our professional internet sales representatives to discuss your custom project. We welcome new design ideas. Our staff will discuss your ideas and options with you and then request a quote from our workshop manager. Let Woodland Creek handcraft you a unique, quality piece of custom furniture today.

About Woodland Creek & Our Custom Furniture

Recent Client Story

A couple stopped by Woodland Creek Furniture in Traverse City.  The couple had been to several local furniture stores looking for an entertainment center that needed to be a specific size and a style they could agree on.  They found a design at Woodland Creek that was very close to making both of them happy.  The wife liked the design, but she was not completely satisfied as she was hoping to find a design where she would not have to see the components & wires.  Once we identified the main design issue, we suggested adding doors to cover the open area.  You should have seen the consternation on their faces.  We explained that most of the designs we offer can be made in custom sizes, in custom layouts and in custom finishes.  Once they understood that we could custom make the entertainment center for them, the wife immediately said, “but we cannot afford for the price to go up by 30% or more.”  We told her the doors would only add $100 to the cost.  They immediately and simultaneously smiled – you could see relief come over their faces.  We wrote the order on Saturday afternoon, and on Monday we sent them the CAD drawing showing the modifications.  The order is the process of being made.  Delighting our customers custom furniture needs is our passion.

Entertainment Center Custom Made


Mountain Modern Corner Image

Custom Furniture Materials

If you desired a custom made piece of furniture, Woodland Creek offers a huge selection of domestic and imported slabs of wood.  We also stock thousands of exotic logs.   Locals often stop in just to visit and marvel at all our unique woods.  We invite you to visit and learn about all the unique woods available for custom furniture projects.
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Custom Furniture Design Process

Want to be part of the process?  Many customers do want this experience to personalize their furniture.  Last year we had over a dozen customers fly in to help select their woods and meet the Woodland Creek artisans.  Let’s design a unique custom piece of furniture together!
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Custom Furniture Aesthetics

There are over 1,200 custom furniture designs on our web site.  Each unique design is available in custom sizes and custom layouts. You can mix and match bases and tops. You can specify a custom layout.  Do not settle. Woodland Creek is your personal custom furniture builder.

New Designs Every Month!

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