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Ways to Spice up Your Patio Furniture and Throw the best Barbeque

The sun is peaking through, the days are getting longer, and you might be sneezing. Yes, spring is almost upon us. With one of the longest and hardest winters in recent history hitting most of the nation, most people are jumping out of those snow boots to get outside. Winter gets old and spring can never come soon enough this time of year. As a barbecue fanatic and a DIY-lover I’m always grateful when sunny hot days come my way. There’s nothing better than throwing a freshly marinated rack of ribs on a hot grill while you hang out with family and friends. There’s something unbeatable about my wife’s delicious iced tea, throwing a football around with the guys, and letting the kids run around the yard. There are tons of ways to get out and enjoy the outdoors, but one of our favorite is definitely having an evening on the patio. One important thing about buying patio furniture is making sure it will last. I like to impress my guests with a good overall experience and maintain my reputation in the neighborhood for having the best Memorial Day barbecue. Having solid, sturdy patio furniture is an essential part of this. Woodland Creek’s master craftsman take the time to specifically hand make many of the furniture designs offered on the site. This dining room table with a concrete top can be used indoors and out. Simply contact a representative and they can add waterproof protective finishes to the wood. The patio dining table with stacked stone and concrete top would also make an excellent outdoor piece. The concrete color is customizable as well as the base. The customization is just one of many excellent features [...]

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