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Live Edge Tables Offer A Natural Holiday Dining Experience

Live Edge and Eggnog for The Whole Family The holiday season is the best time of year to share stories and laugh with your friends and family over a delicious meal. And we all know that setting the table can be a tradition of sorts. So gather around, and take in these beautiful live edge tables, all ready to be gift wrapped and sent to right to your door. These handcrafted natural live edge dining tables, all custom made to order; can really deliver some genuine holiday cheer. They liven up any space, and with our custom approach; they are all made to your exact dimensions and specifications. So don’t worry, all of the tables featured below can be perfectly made for your home and family. Live edge tables come in many forms and aesthetics, from modern redwood and natural edge, to mid century modern. We offer a wide variety of tables to choose from, however we personally selected a few we think you might like and enjoy for years to come. Simplicity at It’s Best with Modern Redwood Handcrafted, this live edge modern redwood dining table delivers a contemporary feel. Beautiful tones of soft and deep reds really give in any space a glowing ambience. With both natural and industrial components, the Modern Redwood table  really delivers an organic balance.You’re able to customize this table at any size and dimension to fit your space, making it a truly one of kind, custom made piece. The wood is professionally kiln drilled. This is important, since some companies may not properly their wood. Also stay assured, that our our finish seals the wood; which then in turn protects the wood against stains. Solid Wood With A [...]

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Complement Your Dinners with a Rustic Dining Table

Meals have long been an important ritual for humans. For thousands of years, we’ve gathered around during meal time - before, during, or after a long, hard day’s work to share our stories, our laughs, our tears, and our aspirations. The importance of the meal is even more important in the modern age, where everyone is always so busy and engulfed in their daily routines or technology. It is a carefree time to let yourself get informed about what is going on in the world of those closest to you. In our household, the meal is the time of day when we all converge, debrief, and remind one another that we are a stable family unit. What better way to complement that experience than having a rustic dining table that will host as many compliments as it does meals. Woodland Creek Furniture proudly present a huge lineup of handcrafted, rustic dining tables, all of which can be seen in our extensive Traverse City and Kalkaska, Michigan showrooms, or on our website. Here is a list of some of the many options of rustic dining tables available to you: Barnwood Dining Table Log Dining Table Restoration Farm Table Rustic Farmhouse Barnwood Dining Table Juniper Dining Table with Redwood Top & Inlaid Glass Traditional Hickory Log Table Barnwood Dining Table with Timber Frame Design Rustic Live Edge Trestle Dining Table Black Walnut Dining Table in Farm Style Are these options starting to sound enticing? Well, wait until you get a chance to see what they look like on our website. Then, wait until you get a chance to see them and feel them in person at one of our showrooms. Finally, bask in the nostalgia and Americana [...]

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Barnwood Kitchen Tables: Long-Lasting Quality

Remember the first kitchen table you had?  If it was like mine it probably came from the garage sale down the block.  We used it for a year or so until the veneer on the side started to fall off.  I wondered why it was so heavy and then I realized that it was particle board underneath. It was real wood but from scrape trees, chopped up and glued together.  I got what I paid for… I’m glad I’m at a point in my life now where I can choose to have quality furniture made to my specifications.  Woodland Creek furniture is real solid wood that has stood up to years of wear. It’s all made from reclaimed wood.  Some from barns.  Some from old buildings.  But all seasoned hard from age and beautiful in texture. The article of furniture that gets the most use and abuse in our house is the kitchen table. Woodland Creek’s farm table is the most basic and well designed for family use. These farm tables are made to last for your lifetime and generations to come. It is made from solid wood. The amazing feature of barnwood is its ability to take scratches and make them part of the character of the wood.  Kids will be kids and the kitchen table takes the abuse.  But barnwood kitchen tables are so forgiving that a 30 second touch up is all that’s needed. The next time you are out shopping for furniture ask the sales staff questions. Is this real wood?  Where is this furniture made? Do you have furniture that is not veneered? Don’t be taken in by synthetic materials that look like wood, it won’t last as long as [...]

Why Consider Rustic Dining Tables?

Whether you are in the process of redecorating or just want a furniture change, rustic dining tables will always add a contemporary touch. What It Is? Rustic dining tables are a beautiful piece of furniture, which will always leave the room looking wonderful. The appearance consists of ruggedness, which will always remind you of the good old days when families would all gather around during mealtimes. When browsing through the wide range of rustic dining tables, it is important you keep the following factors in mind. The first thing that needs to consider is the size. You need to ensure the table correctly fits inside your dining room because that is when it will look best. What to Consider? The price also needs to be taken into consideration and the first thing to do is set down a budget. The table you purchase must fit within your budget so you do not spend more than you intended. Looking at a couple of dining tables and comparing the prices will give you a good idea of the price range. The tables may differ in size and shape, and will have different prices for unique variations. You may prefer square, rectangle, or even round. Pick the one you prefer and make sure you like it before anyone else. A Range Of Designs The rustic dining table also comes in a range of designs, which also need to be taken into account. The wide range of designs ensures there is something to suit all personalities, as well as all home décor. The finishes can also vary, which is another thing you should look at when considering a rustic dining table for your living room. The type of wood [...]

Why Antique Farm Tables Are For You

Okay, so you think now is the time to do some redecorating? The difficult thing is matching the new pieces with your existing décor. It has to turn out as something very special, which will only work if you change your approach. Read on and discover what antique farm tables can bring to your dining room or kitchen. Handcrafted Antique Farmhouse Table There Is a Huge Variety You need to take into account that this lovely piece of furniture will become the centerpiece of your room, which means you need to check out the whole variety. The fun and exciting bit when searching for farm tables is you never know the different types you may find. They have a unique construction and have done for many centuries. If you are considering an antique farm table, odds are you are purchasing a truly original piece of furniture, which cannot be found anywhere else. Handmade Antique Table Condition of the Tables The range of antique farm tables may not be in good condition. Regardless of this, what you need to do is use your imagination and picture the table inside your living room surrounded by love and attention. It may require a little bit of refurbishing, which can include sanding, painting, and varnishing. That is all you will need to do in order to discover the true beauty underneath. If the process sounds a little difficult, you will be happy to know wherever you make the purchase the tasks may be done for you with your table looking brand new in no time. Antique Wooden Table Where to Look  You just do not know where you will find these tables, which [...]

Questions to Ask Before Ordering a Barn Wood Table

First, how is the top made? This is probably the most important question because many woodworkers are just now finding out about the popularity of barn wood tables and barnwood furniture so they are just starting to use this kind of wood for the first time. They have yet to experiment with its nature and how it will adjust to different humidity levels in a customers’ home. They will make many mistakes as it is much different to work with when compared to fresh cut wood. If they are gluing a barnwood top together, then there is a high probability that it will crack. And not the normal little cracks that add character, but the large, ugly ones that won’t blend in – no doubt your eye will go right to the spot each and every time. The barn wood has been outdoors for a hundred years and been subjected to the driest and moistest of seasons. Barn wood is conditioned to adjust to the different season’s moisture levels. Gluing it and bringing it indoors will almost always result in cracking issues. Woodland Creek Furniture’s barnwood table tops are made with a special patent pending “floating” top. The barn wood planks are tongue and grooved and rest on a substrate wrapped in a thick outer solid barnwood beam. The top can “float” and adjust to the season’s and home changing moisture levels. Your eye may never notice the slight swelling or contraction of the wood planks, but with over 3,000 dining tables made and delivered all over the U.S. and Canada over the past eight years, you can feel confident your table will do what it is supposed to do – provide a sturdy area [...]

Spice Up Mealtime with Reclaimed Wood Tables

Reclaimed wood tables are great additions to your home for many reasons: LOOK: There is no denying it. These tables look fabulous. They look fresh, stylistic, and rustic. They look like they are high quality. They look like they took many hours to reclaim, design, and craft (That’s because they did). They look like they should be added to your home and made part of your furniture family! FEEL: They feel smooth. They feel like a quality table. They feel like they will be part of your life forever (with proper care, they will!). It just seems right to add a reclaimed wood table to your home! ECO-FRIENDLY: These reclaimed wood tables use wood that has already been used. They do not require our company to cut down fresh trees. We use pieces of wood from locations in neighboring states that would otherwise be left to rot. We breathe new life into our pieces, which helps us herald the strong history, our next point! HISTORY: Our tables have a place of their own in American history. These reclaimed wood tables are made of wood that was used during a time when our country was coming of age, developing new farming techniques and utilizing quality wood to build their barns. While their time may have seemingly passed, they are now being given a second chance at life by undergoing our reclaiming process and finding their ways into homes like yours. You now have an opportunity to own a piece of history, that you will use as a part of your history! UNIQUE: You will not find authentic rustic reclaimed wood tables like this in your big box retailer. While fresh wood can be finished to look [...]

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Serving Meals From Farms to Farmhouse Dining Tables

Our farmhouse dining tables play an interesting role during mealtime when you consider the supply chain it took for everything to come together the way it did for this to happen. First, you have agricultural pioneers who spread across our nation’s farmlands and discovered innovative ways to harvest and store the fruits of their labor on the farm. Not only did they sustain themselves and their families, but they learned to make a living feeding those around them. That is an aspect of our American history that continues to run through the supply chain and get fresh food from the farm to your table. Our farmhouse dining tables take pieces from those original farmhouses and barns and turn them into elegant and rustic pieces of furniture to add to your home. This adds to the unique character of the supply chain because you will be eating food from farms that have learned from and adapted from the techniques of the original agricultural wizards off of tables that are made from the barns and farmhouses that these wizards used to innovate those techniques! What better way to celebrate the country’s strong tradition than that? The farmhouse dining table collection we offer has the unique elements that we are talking about, and to make matters even better, they look and feel amazing! People from around Traverse City, Michigan, the country, and even the world have come to our showrooms to see the variety of quality farmhouse dining tables and other rustic furniture pieces we hand make and keep in inventory. The farmhouse dining table series is unique in that our customers can work with our specialized customer service team to help design and create a custom look [...]

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Bringing Home the Barnwood Table of Your Dreams

For some of our customers, owning a barnwood table is a reminder of their days back at their family’s farm. For others, the barnwood tables are natural and elegant pieces of Americana that fit comfortably into their home’s interior design. Whatever the reason may be, our customers have a wide variety of barnwood tables that are inspired by a movement of American heritage and craftsmanship. Our barnwood tables are exclusively made out of reclaimed wood beams from 100 to 150 year old barns from the states of Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. Unlike many of our competitors, who utilize paint and finish techniques to make fresh lumber look old, we use actual pieces from our nation’s rich agricultural history and reclaim them using our unique process, which keeps them looking rustic and natural while breathing new longevity into them. The other unique aspect of our barnwood tables that sets us aside from mass-produced, fresh-lumber furniture is our ability to customize the size specifications and finish colors to suit your specifications and tastes. The quality of our customer service is something we at Woodland Creek Furniture pride ourselves on, and we would love for you to come by one of our spacious showrooms to check out our friendly team and a wide variety of barnwood table options! For a unique and finely handcrafted addition to your home that will not only complement your rustic decor, but will also earn you multitudes of compliments from your house guests, we invite you to come and get a good look and feel for our lineup of barnwood tables. Following a rich tradition of agricultural history in the United States, help us pay tribute to the years of work and toil [...]

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Black Walnut Dining Tables & Furniture

Dark…Mysterious…Hardwood Treasure “Walnut is one of America’s natural riches.” Every jeweler has their favorite gem.  Every carpenter has their favorite wood.  At Woodland Creek we are far past like, past enamored…we are infatuation with walnut wood! Natural Walnut Counter Tops Look deeply into beautiful tones of dark amber, milk chocolate, caramel cream and cappuccino as the blended grains flow together to create the deep sensual coloration of American Walnut.  How can you not be enamored with the beauty of this American hardwood – this American treasure? Counter tops, dining tables, sofa tables, coffee tables, benches can all be designed to your needs and fabricated in black walnut wood.  Come in to Woodland Creek Furniture, and let’s discuss your ideas. “There are 21 species of walnut but at Woodland Creek we specialize in American Walnut.” Many of our black walnut dining tables and benches are designed using the natural live edge of the slabs. The natural edge allows the beautiful wood grain to flow to the edge in a natural real design.  Mixing the natural edge table top with contemporary or modern legs creates beautiful “Sophisticated Rustic” signature black walnut tables & furniture designs. American Walnut Dining Table American black walnut is superior to many other woods due to its versatile nature. American walnut trunks grow traditionally straight and clear of many side branches.  This creates the highest grade lumber. Black walnut wood is a very durable, medium density wood that allows the grain to be sanded from either direction. This allows the black walnut dining table tops to be finished to a soft, warm luster. “Woodland Creek - a company that allows you to participate in your new black walnut table [...]

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