Why Farmhouse Kitchen Tables Last Longer

When I think back to the type of kitchen table my family grew up with my stomach gets tied up in knots. If you grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s you will remember them well. Some people like to think of them as ‘Retro’. You know the kind, chrome plated, ugly heavy gauge tubular steel and the crowning disaster was the high pressure laminate tops. People who have this type of furniture say that it gives an old room a new personality; however,  I think not. I believe that a classic farmhouse kitchen tables give the room that bit of personality!

I remember so many unpleasant things about those types of tables. One such thing, I can remember the cherry Kool-Aid stain that even bleach wouldn't get out. When my sister was little she used to bang her spoon on the side of the table for attention. The marks she made were still there when my folks sold it at a garage sale 12 years later. The cracks in the laminate top looked like varicose veins and the scorched spot where my Dad put a hot pot looked like a giant stale croissant. It was a wonder how anybody could still have an appetite looking at that table.Link to a Farmhouse Dining Table

Farmhouse Kitchen Tables to be Passed Down for Generations!

When you put a Farmhouse Kitchen Tables in your kitchen, that table will last longer than any other type of table. Why, because it is made of real wood, no veneers, no synthetics and no chrome! These are solid wood tables and built to be passed down for generations. Each barnwood table will have a warm distressed finish that will warm your home. Woodland Creek Furniture is one of the premier Farmhouse Kitchen Table makers in the country. Located in Michigan among thousands of acres of forests, we choose only the best wood to create our beautiful tables.

There is nothing like coming into a kitchen and seeing a solid wood Farmhouse table. Couple that with the aroma of a good meal and you have one of the most relaxing atmospheres any home could ask for. Our website has beautiful pictures of the solid wood furniture we make everyday in our shops. Customers have uploaded the pictures of the rustic furniture in there homes. Wood furniture has stood the test of time. It doesn’t matter what kind of furniture you have, as long as its Woodland Creek wood, it’s good.

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