What makes wood furniture so timeless?

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What makes wood furniture so timeless?

Found in homes throughout the world, regardless of decorating style, age or location! Solid wood furniture has become a timeless staple by how and why? Timeless Wood BedThere’s something so comforting about walking into a home and finding wood furniture, don't you agree? Instantly there’s a sense of quality, commitment to a decor style and respect for one of mother nature's most valuable materials. On the flipside, a house full of flatpack and metal doesn’t exactly scream luxurious family home, does it? Wood furniture has become a beloved interior design choice and here are some of the most pertinent reasons why:

1. Solid wood furniture screams of quality

Now then. We aren’t talking about flimsy pine bookshelves that you can buy at your local Home Depot here; we are referring to solid wood furniture that can stand the test of time. Chunky blanket boxes in the living room, stoic coffee tables, impressive dining tables where the family gathers and solid master beds. These are the icons of wood furniture that instantly give a home a sense of having been decorated with quality pieces that will last.

2. Timeless Wood furniture smells great

We might be biased because we have the scent of so many timber varieties wafting past us everyday; however, nothing beats the smell of gorgeous wood. You can buy all the air fresheners and scented candles you like; but, if you’ve invested in a red cedar bathroom cabinet, that’s all you need! Let’s give it up for good old pine too, which releases a fabulous fresh and woodland aroma into any home. Talk about bringing the outdoors in, just with none of the mess!

3. Wood can be personalized

Let’s say that you’ve had a simple chest of drawers since, well, forever. You still love how functional they are and they fit well in your home, but they’re a little boring now. You can make them more interesting! From applying a simple colored wax to stains, paints and even trying your hand at carving, there is so much you can do to instantly breathe new life into old wood furniture. You can’t say the same about flatpack or upholstered items can you?

4. Wood furniture holds its valuelink to the black walnut dining table

The final thing that makes solid wood furniture such a valuable commodity; is that it will always be worth better money than less quality pieces. The demand for wood furniture is only increasing, as people try to buy less disposable items and invest in lasting pieces! So that blanket box you’ve had forever? It might be worth good money if you ever decide to replace it. Of course, we think wood furniture is the greatest option around, but hopefully now you can see that it’s definitely worth the investment too.
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