What is Organic Furniture?

“Organic means coming from living things.“

At Woodland Creek Furniture wood is our primary organic material for beautiful furniture design. Our organic furniture uses the nature curves and flow of forest grown hardwoods to create furniture that accentuates nature’s designs.
Our craftsman create organic furniture that use the shape of the wood to form soft live lines furniture for sustainable living. Woodland Creek’s organic furniture embraces the sense that they are from living structures.

Handmade slab counters of black walnut, sycamore, cherry, maple or ash create an amazing contrast with stainless steel dishwashers, refrigerators, and stoves. A kitchen with organic designs feels warm and alive yet clean and creative.

“Even the lacquer we us to finish many of our organic pieces is derived from organic wood compounds.”

Organic furniture design celebrates the natural wood structure in curves, texture, and coloration to create works of art with the comfort of fine furniture. The living grains in the surface of the wood create a natural flow of light through each room.

Woodland Creek’s craftsman uses the natural interwoven structure of teak roots to create a phenomenal base for our glass organic coffee tables.
For hundreds of years the upper structure of the trees was cut and utilized. Now the root structures are utilized also. We believe in “whole use.” Leave nothing but sawdust (and we burn this to heat our workshop – nothing is wasted – the true definition of sustainable manufacturing & sustainable furniture).

Antlers from deer and antelope are wonderful renewable organic products. Cast off each winter, antlers are usually consumed by mice and porcupines for their protein and mineral content. We use them to create beautiful organic antler chandeliers with a new twist. Think of an antler chandelier stained in rubbed bronze or silver graphite. They are just amazing and epitomize this new design movement called “rustic chic”.

Stop by any one of Woodland Creek Furniture’s showrooms or see all the organic furniture designs at WoodlandCreekFurniture.com.

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