Family Furniture With Elegance

The right dining table can transform what was just a place to eat,into the heart of the home, with family and friends gravitating towards it for good times and memory-making. This notion was firmly in our minds when we designed our Modern Tuscan Dining Table and we think we’ve created the perfect centerpiece for any dining room that packs an aesthetic punch, as well as being a favorite family hang-out spot.








Chic Styling For Modern Homes

You might think that dining tables are easy to design, after all, you only need a top and some legs, right? In reality, it’s the simplest and most understated finished products that take the most design expertise! Especially those with a modern yet classic flavor, such as the Tuscan.

An elegant dining table designed to be just as beloved during family meals as formal dining, it features unfussy lines and subtle curved legs to balance the rustic finish of the wood with contemporary chic. A truly transitional item, this is a refined dining table that can be installed in any style of home, amplifying either modern or rustic themes and providing a central gathering point.

Link to the reclaimed barnwood bed

Built To Last

You only have to look at the Tuscan to know that this is a formal dining table that has been designed and built to last but let us tell you a bit more about the construction.

Each table comes with a 44” wide top, as standard! However, many other sizes are available, as a custom option and when it comes to length. You have anywhere from five to ten feet play with. This is because we know that no two houses are the same! So, the amount of space you have to dedicate to a dining table will be unique to your home only! As we make everything to your specifications. It makes sense to go the extra mile and built exactly what you need.

In terms of finish, you can be as daring as you like. The standard finish is Antique Mahogany in a Natural Dark finish. However, if you like to be more expressive with your statement furniture pieces. How about considering one of our other options for finish or wood?

A Rustic Finish for your Tuscan Dining table

In addition to the natural option, there are five rustic paint finishes. That you can choose from, including red, blue and green. Each is distressed by a master craftsman, to give the appearance of an antique finish! The result is a spectacularly bold and beautiful item. That will look as though it has been passed down through generations of your family.

Designed, made and shipped free here in the USA, the Modern Tuscan Dining Table is waiting to make a big impact on your interior design scheme! However, don’t take our word for it that you need one. Read our reviews and hear from confirmed buyers that have no regrets*.

*Reviews can be found at the bottom of each product page. The Modern Tuscan Dining Table currently has two five-star ratings.

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