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Sleep Easy with Understated Elegance

2020-06-30 15:55:37 17 view(s)

Sleep Easy with Understated Elegance

[caption id="attachment_14973" align="alignleft" width="300"]link to the modern troubadour bed! Troubadour Bed[/caption]                   Intricate designs that showcase craftsmanship are a specialty of ours, here at Woodland Creek Furniture! However, we know that another test of merit is how a seemingly simple aesthetic is made extraordinary. Let’s not be unnecessarily humble here, because we know that this is another area in which we really excel and to prove it to you, we’d like to introduce our Troubadour Bed.

Understated Hardwood Troubadour Bed

A heavenly combination of forged steel framework and hardwood detailing, this is a modern bed that gives a gentle nod to classic styling, by letting the beauty of the wood take center stage. Honestly, how could it not, given that we decided to up the design stakes exponentially! We did this by making the bed a live edge bed that showcases matching head and foot boards. When it comes to creating a contemporary bed in wood, we think it is all too easy to overshadow the core materials being used with fussy, unnecessarily detailed designs. Of course, there’s a time and a place for these ornate builds! However, being able to bring a chic and simple solid wood bed design to life takes restraint and respect. We are well versed in both! So, how do you take a simple design and make it spectacular? By using the very best materials and giving them to the finest craftsmen, which is exactly how we can offer you this black walnut bed. Yes, we really did say black walnut. How else could we guarantee such striking and tactile grain? Or rich color? To some people, this might just be a bed. However, to us, it’s the centerpiece in your bedroom, otherwise known as the room you spend the most time in! You deserve to luxuriate in comfort, style and quality while you’re in there. So, away with the pine and in with the creme de la creme of natural woods.

Sleep in Comfort with a Choice of Sizes

Given the quality of the materials being used here. We think you’ll want your bed to be generous in size! Which is why we offer this particular design in three formats. Whether you need a queen, king or California king, we can accommodate and you might be surprised by how little extra we charge for those larger sizes! Our great value is even more shocking when you realize that the headboard is a generous 56” high, for real impact and that we ship your new bed, free of charge (within the 48 contiguous states). We want the process of buying a new bed to be as easy as possible. However, we don’t want you to have to compromise. That’s why we make it as simple as clicking a few buttons, opting for a transparent financing deal through Bread, or paying directly, and then sitting back and waiting for your new favorite piece of furniture to be delivered to your door. We want you to get a great deal, without the ORDEAL of hidden costs! However, if you have any questions at all, you can always get in touch with one of us to talk through your choice, delivery options or anything else that might be concerning you prior to placing your order.