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  • Woods that smell the best in Home

    Natural wood furniture always looks great; however, when it comes to enjoying the full experience of owning pieces crafted from timber. Your other senses need to come into play. Naturally we’re talking about touch, as a tactile exterior is essential; but more than that, you should choose items made from the most aromatic wood varieties as well. 

    If you’ve not thought about the scents of different woods. It might be because you’ve not yet invested in anything other than unperfumed options. There’s nothing wrong with that at all and some of the timbers we enjoy working with are low down on the scent scale; however, for a more comprehensive and multisensory experience, you just have to consider some of the following!

    Red Cedar Natural Wood

    Red cedar

    One of the most famous scented woods, red cedar smells as great as it looks. Emitting a rich and outdoorsy odor into any space, it makes for an exceptionally comforting and moreish ambience. Ideal for use in any room, from bedrooms to bathrooms and everything in between, red cedar is a firm favorite for good reason. It makes for a fine smelling natural wood!

    Black birch

    For a fresh and herbal scent, black birch is hard to beat. It has a lingering wintergreen perfume! One that makes a room feel invigorated and clean and has an almost sweet quality to it as well. Not too overpowering but definitely impactful, it’s a great scent for a fresh bedroom. Thinking practically, it would be excellent in a boot room as well! Where wet and dirty shoes and coats are always to be found. Like a natural odor eater!


    There’s something so comforting about the smell of pine wood, don’t you agree? It’s familiar, warm and traditional but not overbearing. Pine itself is such a versatile and easy-to-use wood that it’s a bonus to have such a pleasing perfume as well; because, most of us have some pine furniture somewhere in our homes. Of course, there are countless different varieties, but with each, the scent seems to soften with time but never goes away entirely.


    Snelling rich and woodsy, Hickory brings the big guns to the aroma battle. That’s not to say that it’s too strong, just very distinctive in its style and earthy. Perhaps it would be better to describe it as one of the most rustic-smelling woods; because, it definitely brings to mind campfires, sleeping under the stars and cabins. Being a strong wood, it’s great for large pieces of furniture, such as heavy bed frames. Which means your bedroom can have the smell of nature running through it. A great natural wood for a beautiful rustic smell!


    No prizes for guessing what rosewood smells like, but you might be surprised at just how floral it is. Delicate and sweet, it has a very distinctive perfume that lingers in the most charmingly delicate and subtle way! While also being absolutely stunning. We can imagine a pretty guest bedroom, complete with some rosewood pieces, being a haven for visitors.

    When you’re buying a product made from a natural material, it’s important to understand the implications other than visual appeal. Wood is so incredibly versatile and comes in so many varieties! That simply choosing the first piece that seems to fit your needs isn’t always the way to go. A little research, plus some investigative smelling and touching will guarantee you the best purchase; that you’ll love for many years to come.

  • Wood Species that Catch the Eye

    Working with wood every day, we aren’t afraid to proclaim a certain level of expertise; and, while most timbers can be utilized for something,. There are a few that have been undeniably blessed by Mother Nature. We’re talking about those with stunning rains, interesting roots, enticing colors and aromas that entrance.  Let us give you a run down on some beautiful eye catching wood species! 

    Now, we aren’t saying that there isn’t a place for pine and the like. Far from it in fact, because we adore pine timber. It’s easy to work with, can be made to look like very realistic barnwood and is naturally less prone to insects! However, for this one article, we are looking at the extra special varieties that leave a lasting visual impression! So, let’s dive in to learn about these woods!

    an eye catching wood species-black walnut

    Black walnut

    A striking hardwood that has a striated chocolate brown appearance that feels exotic and expensive. It’s very strong and with such a beautiful look, needs nothing more than a clear finish; though it is relatively easy to polish to a high gloss. This makes it incredible for show stopping pieces such as coffee tables. Making it one of the nicest eye catching wood species!

    Reclaimed barnwood

    Genuine antique barnwood comes from a number of sources but here at Woodland Creek Furniture, we are always careful to ensure it has at least 100 years of traceable history. Strong due to years of weathering, what is it that  makes barnwood so appealing? Well the answer to that is that it comes with decades of heritage and the marks to prove it. No two pieces are ever the same and this lends itself to statement builds, such as large family dining tables with stoic trestle bases.

    Red cedar


    A softwood with excellent durability and resistance to moisture; red cedar is often recognize by its bold and vivacious hue. A hue that is lends a golden glow to any room it’s used in. As well as, people often use it for exterior cladding! It works particularly well in bathrooms; thanks to the natural water repelling and can add instant warmth to an otherwise cool space. Red cedar vanity units are a specialty of ours.A eye catching wood species- Red Cedar

    Stripped white cedar

    Just as with the red, white cedar is amazing in terms of its anti-rot and decay properties! While also being unappealing to insects as well. This means that it offers great longevity, despite being a softwood. Less bold than the red, white cedar has a paler, more creamy tone and works literally everywhere in a home. Stripped log bunk beds never fail to impress!


    Super strong, hard and heavy, hickory is the ultimate hardwood with a gruff exterior. A coarse bark pattern makes for beautifully rustic furniture pieces with some serious edge; However, strip the outer layer and there’s a stunning contrasting inner that you get to reveal. Notoriously more costly, but also a real statement, hickory works well as sofas and chairs that will see a lot of use.

    There’s a perfect wood for every application and location, not to mention color scheme. The trick is working with a team of experts, like ours, who can give you the benefit of their experience.

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