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  • What is modern rustic furniture design?

    It sounds like a misnomer; however, furniture really can be a blended hybrid of both modern and rustic tropes, themes and stylistic touches. What’s more, it really works! Far from diluting two very different styles, it actually brings both together in perfect harmony; allowing more people with a variety of interior schemes to see and experience the joy. Lets see all the was rustic and modern can combine in modern furniture design. 

    There are lots of ways to bring old and new together; but, when it comes to solid wood furniture. We have a few favorite techniques for creating a contemporary but classic vibe! We’re going to tell you a little bit about them, right now.

    Reclaimed wood, in a new way

    reclaimed wood for modern home design Wood Beam Coffee Table

    We’ve all seen and admired gorgeous traditional pieces, made from the finest reclaimed timber and there will forever be a place in our hearts and homes for them. BUT, using antique timber to create items; that are more contemporary in finish, with cleaner and unfussy lines, makes for an incredible contrast. Picture some wall shelves. Now imagine they are simple, linear and with no detailing at all, but floating and inescapably modern. Finally, imagine them being made from roof timbers from barns over 100 years old. That’s a striking image but one that works, don’t you agree? What’s more, shelves like this would work in literally any home. A beautiful way to have a modern furniture design!

    Classic designs with less fuss

    Take a classic piece of furniture and just simply dial it back a little in terms of the extra details and you have a modern rustic reimagination. You can literally do this with anything, from sofas to blanket boxes, wardrobes and even beds. By negating those fancy flourishes, you instantly embrace a more contemporary vibe; even if you craft from reclaimed timber or apply a vintage style stain to new wood.

    Bucket list pieces in interesting finishes

    We love creating pieces that allude to sought after items, but with a freshness that is unusual. For example, a stylish coffee table is a must for many people, so we have created a number of super contemporary designs that retain all of the functionality of standard tables, just with some eye-catching nuances. We particularly enjoy using different tones of wood together; to make a tonal and striking end result that manages to remain unfussy.

    Multi-material designs

    Modern and rustic go together like wood and stainless steel. And we should know, because we combine them all the time! With a timeless design in place, mixing materials is an easy way to ensure that both modern and rustic tropes are given equal priority; to create a harmonious new hybrid. That’s why you’ll find some incredible solid wood tables but with polished stainless steel or gold legs in our portfolio. 

    Sometimes, combining things that should, technically, be at odds with one another creates the most interesting results. We know we have no intention of leaving modern rustic design behind. So why not think about if it could work in your home?

  • Design wheels keep on turning

    Truly great design never stops or stands still, it simply evolves and keeps offering new inspiration or incarnations. We know this and as such, have created a dining table that can be customized to an enormous degree; while never losing the original charm or concept. If you’re ready to be bowled over, let’s see how metal and wood can come together in stunning harmony. It is time to get a feel of our twisted hardwood dining table!

    A simple yet elegant twisted hardwood dining table!

    Round dining tables always look a little bit extra special, don’t they? Is it because they feel that much more sociable, or unusual? We’re not sure for the exact reason; but, we always stand back and remember how much we love them, when we finish a new design. Here, with our Modern Twisted Spoke Hardwood Dining Table, we wanted to keep the top simple, unfussy and striking, so that it could hold its own against a statement base and we think that we’ve accomplished it, however you decide to tweak your composition. So, let’s talk about your options.


    We offer four stock sizes ranging from 48” to 66” in diameter. Need something that doesn’t quite meet our standard dimensions? Not a problem! Custom work is an absolute pleasure and if we’re selecting your favorite woods, stains and base finishes. We may as well talk fully bespoke.

    Top material Link to the Twisted Hardwood DIning table

    We hope you’re not too indecisive, as there are seven gorgeous woody types to choose from. Pale maple through to black walnut; the color hues and grain textures vary hugely, so take your time when researching how they all look. We want you to pick something really suited to your home.

    Top edge style

    Are you a flat edge or chamfered kind of person? Whichever you are, just let us know and we can make sure your table meets your exacting standards.

    Top finish 

    You’ve chosen a wood you love, but it would be perfect if it could come in a distressed gray. Ok then! We have 10 incredible stain shades to choose from which let you express your artistic side. You don't need to be making your table to be deeply involved in teh finished design.


    Possibly the hardest decision, despite there only being two options. Will you choose a polished stainless steel twisted spoke circular base; or does the brushed gold stainless steel take your fancy more? We can picture endless combinations for both; but a cooler top, with the polished base would be undeniably chic and contemporary! While a rich dark top and a golden base might feel a little more old school.

    Intricacy where you need it most!

    The intricate lacing of the base spokes creates dynamic movement and a worthy focal point; while the top remains stoic and practical. Together they form the ultimate hybrid of style and function. Though we are normally the first to say that dining chairs can be attention-grabbers too! It’s safe to say that nothing will stand much of a chance when positioned next to this bombshell. But, as shipping is free for a large item, you could take a look at our chairs to see if anything might be complementary. We’d love to help you take advantage of fee-free delivery; especially if you are treating your dining room to a much-needed overhaul

  • A rustic style with a contemporary twist

    Can rustic and modern designs really come together and look ‘right’? It’s a fair question and we thought we’d answer it in the only way we know how; by creating the ultimate hybrid dining table that everybody will love. Let us show you our rustic contemporary dining table!Link to the rustic contemporary dining table

    Creativity in our Rustic Contemporary Dining Table Design!


    Our Contemporary Rustic Dining Table allowed us to get a little creative and to think about how we could combine some of our favorite elements together, all while showcasing spectacular craftsmanship and skill. We also wanted to include the ability to customize more than normal! So let’s have a closer look at what makes this such a special design; and, how you can make it your own.

    First off, we need to talk about the top. The rustic centerpiece, it’s a slab made from your choice of seven, yes seven, wood varieties! The grain and vibrancy differences are what make each of them so incredibly eye-catching and whichever you select! You can choose whether you’d prefer neat square edges, a chamfered style; or, something a little more free-flowing and organic, with a live edge. Think about the rest of your furniture and your wider interior styling. Do you normally prefer linear, neat finishes or is there an element of boho and relaxed design to your home?

    That will give you some guidance as to which style to choose here. We finish the top with a clear coat as standard; just to add a little protection and to showcase the wood to its best! However, you have the option to ask for a colored stain instead. We have numerous different hues to consider, though please be aware that not all are available for each wood type. 

    A beautiful base to dine upon!

    Next, we come to the base. As one review states, it is an art piece in and of itself. Great sweeping supports lend authority and sturdiness to the ample top! You can choose from understated black metal or more bling stainless steel. Opting for shiny steel will certainly up the contemporary vibe no end; so, if you’re looking to amplify that element then this is worth thinking about. That being said, a stainless steel base will increase production lead times significantly, though it is absolutely worth the wait.

    Offered in incremental sizes from five to ten foot in length as standard; though we won’t shy away from a more bespoke order. This fabulous dining table can be made in any size that you need or want it, while still maintaining your original design preferences. In fact, we have already made it in a custom size and received glowing praise for the finished product. We mean it when we say that you can see and feel the quality of our timeless solid wood pieces! This contemporary rustic hybrid is no exception.

    Shipped for free (where applicable) and available to purchase through a transparent financing arrangement with Bread! If you’ve been wondering how you can replace a tired old dining table with something more exciting, this is the answer.

  • Woods that smell the best in Home

    Natural wood furniture always looks great; however, when it comes to enjoying the full experience of owning pieces crafted from timber. Your other senses need to come into play. Naturally we’re talking about touch, as a tactile exterior is essential; but more than that, you should choose items made from the most aromatic wood varieties as well. 

    If you’ve not thought about the scents of different woods. It might be because you’ve not yet invested in anything other than unperfumed options. There’s nothing wrong with that at all and some of the timbers we enjoy working with are low down on the scent scale; however, for a more comprehensive and multisensory experience, you just have to consider some of the following!

    Red Cedar Natural Wood

    Red cedar

    One of the most famous scented woods, red cedar smells as great as it looks. Emitting a rich and outdoorsy odor into any space, it makes for an exceptionally comforting and moreish ambience. Ideal for use in any room, from bedrooms to bathrooms and everything in between, red cedar is a firm favorite for good reason. It makes for a fine smelling natural wood!

    Black birch

    For a fresh and herbal scent, black birch is hard to beat. It has a lingering wintergreen perfume! One that makes a room feel invigorated and clean and has an almost sweet quality to it as well. Not too overpowering but definitely impactful, it’s a great scent for a fresh bedroom. Thinking practically, it would be excellent in a boot room as well! Where wet and dirty shoes and coats are always to be found. Like a natural odor eater!


    There’s something so comforting about the smell of pine wood, don’t you agree? It’s familiar, warm and traditional but not overbearing. Pine itself is such a versatile and easy-to-use wood that it’s a bonus to have such a pleasing perfume as well; because, most of us have some pine furniture somewhere in our homes. Of course, there are countless different varieties, but with each, the scent seems to soften with time but never goes away entirely.


    Snelling rich and woodsy, Hickory brings the big guns to the aroma battle. That’s not to say that it’s too strong, just very distinctive in its style and earthy. Perhaps it would be better to describe it as one of the most rustic-smelling woods; because, it definitely brings to mind campfires, sleeping under the stars and cabins. Being a strong wood, it’s great for large pieces of furniture, such as heavy bed frames. Which means your bedroom can have the smell of nature running through it. A great natural wood for a beautiful rustic smell!


    No prizes for guessing what rosewood smells like, but you might be surprised at just how floral it is. Delicate and sweet, it has a very distinctive perfume that lingers in the most charmingly delicate and subtle way! While also being absolutely stunning. We can imagine a pretty guest bedroom, complete with some rosewood pieces, being a haven for visitors.

    When you’re buying a product made from a natural material, it’s important to understand the implications other than visual appeal. Wood is so incredibly versatile and comes in so many varieties! That simply choosing the first piece that seems to fit your needs isn’t always the way to go. A little research, plus some investigative smelling and touching will guarantee you the best purchase; that you’ll love for many years to come.

  • Modern Chic Coffee Table for your Living Room


    Can you combine classic styling with a modern finish to create a harmonious centerpiece for your living room? If you’re Woodland Creek Furniture, yes you can! We took everything we love about classic coffee tables, added one of our favorite woods and spiced things up even further by including an eye-catching base and the result is our Modern Tuscan Natural Wood Coffee to the Natural Tuscan Coffee Table

    A Natural Walnut Tuscan Coffee Table!

    Why did we choose Asian walnut for the top? Just look at it! Rich, dark and exuding a natural warmth that few other timbers can muster. It is a joy to work with and looks so undeniably high-end. If you doubt that, just remember that all we needed beneath the top was a stylish plain black base. No bells or whistles are needed to bolster the very minimalist and simple top; because, it’s beautiful in its own right. It also happens to be excellent in terms of mark resistance! So, although we advise caution, coasters and careful use, the wood itself will lend a hand as well.

    The base. Well. We knew we wanted to do something fun, but not overbearing, so we opted for a pared back Tuscan look. Sweeping legs arch up towards the top, creating flow and movement! As well as, a classic vibe that is complemented perfectly by such an unfussy surface. We could have kept it natural; however, choosing to stain the wood black added a little depth and drama! While also helping to hide the base in plain sight, because all eyes are really on the top.

    Sized for your Room!

    When it comes to sizes, you have two standard options to choose from; 48” and 60”. We think these will work in modest or generous living rooms alike, but if you really love the design and need something custom-made to very specific dimensions, let’s have that conversation! We never shy away from a challenge or trying to meet your expectations and having a team of artisans in our workshop means we are always ready to experiment!

    When you order a Tuscan coffee table, your order should be ready to ship within two weeks and we will send it to you for free, depending on your location in the US. This is a design exclusive to us, so you won’t find it anywhere else, but we still wanted to make it easy and cost-effective to buy from us. That’s why we have partnered with Bread. A simple and straightforward way to spread the cost of an expensive purchase, Bread doesn’t penalize you for repaying early or taking control of your finances, which is what we really like about it.

    Your new coffee table is just a few clicks away and will delight you for years, so now’s the time to take the plunge!

  • Wood Species that Catch the Eye

    Working with wood every day, we aren’t afraid to proclaim a certain level of expertise; and, while most timbers can be utilized for something,. There are a few that have been undeniably blessed by Mother Nature. We’re talking about those with stunning rains, interesting roots, enticing colors and aromas that entrance.  Let us give you a run down on some beautiful eye catching wood species! 

    Now, we aren’t saying that there isn’t a place for pine and the like. Far from it in fact, because we adore pine timber. It’s easy to work with, can be made to look like very realistic barnwood and is naturally less prone to insects! However, for this one article, we are looking at the extra special varieties that leave a lasting visual impression! So, let’s dive in to learn about these woods!

    an eye catching wood species-black walnut

    Black walnut

    A striking hardwood that has a striated chocolate brown appearance that feels exotic and expensive. It’s very strong and with such a beautiful look, needs nothing more than a clear finish; though it is relatively easy to polish to a high gloss. This makes it incredible for show stopping pieces such as coffee tables. Making it one of the nicest eye catching wood species!

    Reclaimed barnwood

    Genuine antique barnwood comes from a number of sources but here at Woodland Creek Furniture, we are always careful to ensure it has at least 100 years of traceable history. Strong due to years of weathering, what is it that  makes barnwood so appealing? Well the answer to that is that it comes with decades of heritage and the marks to prove it. No two pieces are ever the same and this lends itself to statement builds, such as large family dining tables with stoic trestle bases.

    Red cedar


    A softwood with excellent durability and resistance to moisture; red cedar is often recognize by its bold and vivacious hue. A hue that is lends a golden glow to any room it’s used in. As well as, people often use it for exterior cladding! It works particularly well in bathrooms; thanks to the natural water repelling and can add instant warmth to an otherwise cool space. Red cedar vanity units are a specialty of ours.A eye catching wood species- Red Cedar

    Stripped white cedar

    Just as with the red, white cedar is amazing in terms of its anti-rot and decay properties! While also being unappealing to insects as well. This means that it offers great longevity, despite being a softwood. Less bold than the red, white cedar has a paler, more creamy tone and works literally everywhere in a home. Stripped log bunk beds never fail to impress!


    Super strong, hard and heavy, hickory is the ultimate hardwood with a gruff exterior. A coarse bark pattern makes for beautifully rustic furniture pieces with some serious edge; However, strip the outer layer and there’s a stunning contrasting inner that you get to reveal. Notoriously more costly, but also a real statement, hickory works well as sofas and chairs that will see a lot of use.

    There’s a perfect wood for every application and location, not to mention color scheme. The trick is working with a team of experts, like ours, who can give you the benefit of their experience.

  • Tuscan End Table with unlimited potential

    They say that great things come in small packages and we’re going to prove it to you today by introducing you to our modest but marvelous Modern Tuscan End Table. Though it might be little in stature; it packs a big punch in terms of useful extra surface space! Furthermore, you can easily move it to wherever you need it. It also serves a multitude of functions.

    The best end table for Tuscan style and practicality!

    Who hasn’t sat in the sitting room or den; and, wish that they had a little table for remote controls, magazines or drinks? What about when a friendly game of cards seems like a fun idea? A small end table that you can move about is ideal; as not everyone wants to up and transplant to the dining room! Standing at  just 25” tall and 22” square, the end table is particularly excellent as a lamp stand, letting you add a little soft glow wherever needed.

    The only problem with small furniture is that it has to be perfect in design. Furthermore, it has to be expertly executed and able to hold its own against larger, potentially more dramatic and eye-catching pieces. Well, we have no fears on that front here, as despite the small size; our Tuscan end table easily captures hearts and imaginations. We like to think it’s because the Asian walnut the we use in construction! Asian walnut being so undeniably beautiful and is only further exaggerated by the solid black base!

    When we came up with the design, we knew we wanted something simple, and timeless! However, we still wanted it to look contemporary enough to look at home in any number of houses, cabins or cottages. We also knew that we wanted to really showcase the rich color of the walnut! Which is why the dark contrasting base was decided upon. Other than some understated shaping, we’ve left the entire look very simple and unfussy; to give us the modern edge we were looking for, while not straying too far from our rustic roots. The result, we think, would look great anywhere and add to a wider scheme, not detract from it.

    Fine by it self but better with another!

    Link to the Tuscan End Table

    Being small, there is a freight charge when ordered alone; however, if you order with another small piece or alongside a larger item, everything ships for free, saving you $150. This isn’t us trying to pressure you into making more purchases! We are just simply highlighting that if there’s anything else you’ve been considering investing in; it might be prudent to make a multiple order! This is to access those all-important free shipping services. And don’t worry about payment options either.

    We are always careful who we work alongside and with Bread, we’ve found a trusted and transparent financing company that actually wants to help you afford those bigger furniture purchases. With an easy application process and no penalties for paying early; you can be in control of your interior budget, while enjoying some serious changes as well. If there’s a space in your den and you simply don’t know how to fill it, or you’re fed up with having to get up and walk over to a coffee table, now’s the time to treat yourself.

  • A Multifunctional Bench that's a Marvel to Behold

    If you’ve never thought of seating as anything to get overly excited about, we understand. We might also be about to change your mind; because, the joy of multifunctional seating is something you never get bored of, once you’ve benefited from it. So let introduce you to our modern tuscan bench!

    A multifunctional Modern Tuscan Bench!

    Chairs are great, stools are fab but for really adaptive seating; you need to consider a beautiful solid wood bench for your home. Why? Because you can place them anywhere you have room! Wherever you need some useful extra seating and they can even be swapped out for regular dining chairs; to maximize the number of guests you can accommodate. In short, there’s nothing they aren’t handy for.

    Let’s take a busy hallway. Everybody prefers to sit while they put shoes on and a slimline bench like our Modern Tuscan Natural Wood Bench is an unobtrusive and stylish addition that will let plenty of people get ready together. Now, picture a gorgeous dining table, an occasion when lots of you want to get together! They get together to eat, and have a hankering for a really sociable setting. That’s when this bench will really come into its own; before, sliding gracefully beneath the top and out of sight until next needed. Though with this design, that actually feels like a bit of a waste, given how stunning it is.

    We knew we wanted to use a special material and they don’t come much more striking than Asian walnut. With a warm and decadent hue that radiates from the grain; finishing the base in black allows the rich top to really glow. There’s a swaying flow to the grain itself too, adding a little movement to a stoic and sturdy piece of furniture! One that you will otherwise plant to its spot!Link to the Modern Tuscan Bench

    A beautiful bench made in Asian Walnut!

    Thanks to the inherent beauty and hardiness of Asian walnut; we don’t apply a finish here. This leaves the wood natural and ready to bed into your home with grace and charm. We do, however, invite you to make a decision about the length of bench that would best suit you and your needs. We offer five standard sizes, ranging from four to eight feet; but as always, we can step up and help with a bespoke set of dimensions as well. That’s the beauty of making everything to order and right here in our USA workshop. 

    Order more than one bench or one bench alongside a larger item and we will ship curbside for free. This might be a good excuse to look at a new dining table as well, to take advantage of not only a significant freight saving; but also our complementary designs that will look symbiotic and stunning with this bench neatly tucked beneath it. We also have a range of other Asian walnut pieces, ranging from traditional and rustic through to sleek and undeniably contemporary, in case you simply can’t get enough of that grain!

    One bench that can do the work of four chairs. To us, that just sounds like savvy economics!

  • Why solid wood will outlast the rest

    It doesn’t take a lot to understand the appeal of flatpack furniture; and, far be it for us to be snobs about homemaking on a budget. However, there is a big but here, the value for money that flatpack pieces offer is short lived! Furthermore, this usually adds up to a shockingly false economy. This is just one of the many reasons for solid wood designs being superior. Let’s talk about a few more as well though.

    black walnut bar stool


    Try as you like, veneer or artificial wood never comes close to capturing the same warmth and tactile appeal of solid wood. There are some fantastic materials out there, offering their own durability and functionality, but when it comes to looks, it’s hard to compare a slab of MDF with thin veneer with a thick live edge wedge of black walnut.


    If you’re thinking that flatpack furniture has a place in homes that have been designed to look very modern and minimal;  don’t forget that solid wood is one of the most malleable materials in the world. If you want simple, lacquered and unfussy; you can get that in timber and without worrying about replacing it within the next two years too.


    Let’s talk about longevity. Flatpack furniture is generally designed to serve as a fast and inexpensive solution to furniture and storage needs; and that doesn’t usually leave a lot of room for lasting durability. If it did, everybody would buy cheap bookshelves and they’d last forever. It’s simply not a financially savvy move for flatpack pieces to last well, but solid wood? It’s in its nature to go on forever. 

    Scratch a solid wood coffee table and it can be repaired to look good as new. Chip a solid wood sideboard and it will simply add some character and rustic charm. We cannot say the same for flatpack items. You chip one of those and you’ll expose the murky manufactured board interior, or maybe break a supporting dowel.


    Have you ever heard of anybody passing down a Billy bookcase from Ikea to younger generations of their family? Of course not, because places make them in masses and don't make them special. What about a much loved solid wood dining table though? One with years of thanksgiving memories, birthdays and family pow-wows around it? That’s the kind of heirloom that families fight over. Because, everybody wants to put it front and center in their homes for another 20-30 years. 

    Solid wood furniture has memories attached to it. Every scratch and nick, if not repaired, carries an experience and a story that is part of the tapestry of family life. 

    A solid wood dining table Hickory Base Dining Table - Cherry Top


    Finally, nobody ever admired the craftsmanship of flatpack furniture, namely because you have to build it yourself. It was all made in a factory! However, a solid wood item? Something carved, hand finished and designed by some of the most dedicated and talented minds in the artisan world? That’s an investment and something to admire for years to come. 

    Though offered as solutions for the same things, flatpack and solid wood furniture are worlds apart in terms of lasting appeal; and, being worthy of your hard-earned money. So, when in doubt, always remember one of our favorite adages: buy cheap, buy twice.

  • A beautiful Hand Carved Table

    Hand Carved Dining Table For true lovers of rustic furniture, nothing could be better than a striking hand carved solid wood dining table; but, just wait until you see what our artisans are capable of!

    We hate to admit it, but even we can still be shocked by the sheer talent of our craftspeople. We like to think we have a great eye for not only furniture design; but also talent spotting! However, then an idea is born, an example is made and we are speechless. That’s what happened with our ‘Walk on the Wild Side Hand Carved Cedar Stump Table’.

    Picture the scene. A group of creative designers are in a meeting; talking about what would take our dining table range to the next level! Then someone suggests a carved top. Great, we love a chance to exhibit our creativity, but wait. Not just a carved top, a carving that depicts an emotive and touching rustic woodland scene, with nuances and charm! However, it has to have no loss of functional table top space. Now that’s a tall order; but here we are, with one of the most imaginative pieces of dining room furniture that we think we’ve ever offered.

    A custom Hand carved dining table to your specifications

    Now. We knew that not everybody would want the same scene carved into their dining tables. Regardless of whether you are planning to house this in a family home, a lodge or a cabin. You want to have something you feel connected to, forever embedded. That’s why we decided to give you as much choice as we possibly could, so you could feel ready to tap into the rustic furniture trend.

    Link to the Hand Carved Dining Table

    The ordering process may take a little longer than normal, as you click through our easy-to-use drop-down menus; but, we want you to properly consider and choose the elements that you’ll love most and for the longest time. Not least because the table comes with a free lifetime warranty. Yes, a lifetime guarantee, because that’s how good our craftspeople are. 

    Options for your Dining Needs!

    We’ll ask you to choose the following elements:

    • Size. We have 10 standard sizes to choose from, but of course, you can always get in touch and ask us if there are custom dimensions you would prefer to work to.
    • Stump base finish. The stumps themselves are gorgeous already; but if you’d prefer a stained color finish, rather than a clear coat, just let us know. 
    • Carving scene. We have 6 carving scenes to choose from, all set in nature and with your favorite animals to choose from. We see you, wolf fans! You can also select from three backdrops, so if you'd rather have a mountain scene than a forest background. we are happy to oblige!
    • Coordinated seating. Take all of the hassle out of buying the right chairs or benches for your table by ordering them as a package and taking advantage of our free large items shipping policy. 

    Buying a new dining table is a big decision, but even more so when you’re choosing something with a lifetime warranty. We don’t want you to feel rushed, so take your time, make the choices that are right for you! Then, let us work our magic and organize all the logistics for you. Because bespoke furniture really can be this simple to invest in.

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